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Most sellers are honest, and think their homes are in good condition- but are often surprised to learn of issues or defects uncovered during a real estate home inspection. Your buyer is going to conduct an inspection- it’s smart to do your own inspection first and know the results in advance.

As a seller, you want to know what a prospective buyer’s inspection is going to reveal by conducting your own  ‘Seller’s Inspection’ first.

Why order a Seller’s Inspection?

  1. Confidence:  Don’t risk losing a sale.  Buyers can be fickle- they may walk away from a home that has even a few minor issues- eliminate those issues before you show your home- then sell your home!

  2. Not all buyers are “fixer-upers”.

  3. Reveal problems ahead of time which helps the home show better, and avoiding scaring away your buyer.

  4. Identify any immediate safety issues or building code violations

  5. Allows you, the seller, opportunity to make the needed repairs on your terms- on your timetable

  6. Remove potential for buyer procured estimates at the negotiation table

  7. Permits a clean home inspection report to be used as a marketing tool

  8. A pre-inspection shows buyers the seller takes care of their home.

  9. Relieve a prospective buyer's unfounded suspicions- before they walk away

  10. Relieves 11th-hour re-negotiations- that’s crucial

  11. Certified Home Inspections Tallahassee guarantees a thorough inspection- at a competitive price


Certified Home Inspections of Tallahassee has the highest levels of qualifications for such a inspection. Inspectors definitely have varying qualifications, experience, reporting

methods and yes, different pricing. Michael Flemming, is a Florida Certified Home Inspector and a Florida Certified Building Contractor- he will inspect your home personally, and not delegate inspections to lesser qualified employees. Mr Flemming knows Florida's most recent building codes as well how your home is built- from the inside out! 

Simply put, Mr Flemming will find issues that are overlooked or not recognized by a less qualified inspection company- especially in the areas of structure and building codes- that regular inspectors are not licensed to recognize.

Mr Flemming is also a Florida Dept. of Health Certified Radon Measurement Specialist- the highest level of state licensure in this area.

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