Radon  What is it?  and what does it mean to me?
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Florida radon laws are clear- it’s important to know who you’re speaking to:

Radon Measurement Specialist

In charge of radon testing. Radon license holder in a Radon Measurement Business. The only license level permitted to evaluate, interpret, advise, and consult on radon testing results.

Radon Measurement Tech

Assists the Measurement Specialist only. Activities limited to placing and retrieving radon machines from client’s home. Cannot offer test results evaluation, interpretations,  or advice to clients. Cannot work alone.


Radon Mitigation Specialist

Generally a licensed contractor with a DOH license to install radon mitigation systems.  In charge of radon mitigation installation (installing systems in homes that lower indoor radon levels). License holder in a Radon Mitigation Business. Designs systems, state reporting. Verifies client supplied radon measurement report is valid, by a licensed tester.  Cannot test for indoor radon, or offer advice or interpretation of the supplied radon test.

Radon Mitigation Tech

Assists the Mitigation Specialist only. Cannot work alone.

If you need advice about radon and what your radon test results mean, speak to a Certified  Radon Measurement Specialist.

Only Certified Measurement Specialists are licensed to evaluate, interpret or advise radon testing clients on radon test results.*

It’s a matter of your health, and it’s the law.
Radon measurement technicians are licensed to “place and retrieve radon test devices, only”.
Not evaluate radon test results or advise clients.

Technicians can perform their activities only under the supervision of a certified radon  specialist.*

* Source:  Florida Administrative Code 64E-5,1202(5), (6).pdf

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  About Florida Radon Licensing Laws

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