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              Commonly Used

      Radon Mitigation Methods

  1. 1. Sub-slab depressurization: Involves creating a suction or vacuum under the home’s slab foundation to collect radon gas so it can be vented safely into the atmosphere- before it has a chance to enter your home.

  2. 2.  Sub-membrane depressurization: Involves creating a suction or vacuum under a membrane installed in a home’s crawlspace to collect radon gas that is emitted from the ground so it can be safely vented before it has a chance to get into the crawlspace, then into the home.

  3. 3. Crawlspace ventilation: Involves installing specialized radon ventilation fans in the crawlspace to ventilate the crawlspace in a controlled manner to remove radon gas from the crawlspace- before it can enter the home’s living space.

  4. 4. Living space ventilation: Involves modifying the amount of fresh air that is introduced into the living areas of the home to remove, or dilute radon gas. Commonly involves modifying the home’s Heating and A/C system.

  5. 5. Other mitigation methods: There are several other EPA approved mitigation methods that can be used,  based on the home or building’s design.  Mr. Flemming will be happy to discuss those with you.

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    Sub-Slab Mitigation System

What is Radon Mitigation?

Radon mitigation is any process used to reduce radon concentrations in the breathing zones of occupied buildings. Radon mitigation involves installing equipment in, or altering the indoor environment, i.e., ventilation levels,  of a home or building to lower the level of indoor radon gas.


Who can do the mitigation work?

If a homeowner or building owner hires a radon mitigator, that company must be licensed by the FL Dept. of Health as a Radon Mitigation Company and must employ a licensed FL DOH Radon Mitigation Specialist to oversee all operations.

What is a Radon Mitigation Specialist?

  1. Generally a Florida Certified Building Contractor with additional, specialized FL Dept. of Health  training/ licensing to install radon mitigation systems.

  2. In charge of radon mitigation installation (installing systems in homes that lower indoor radon levels).

  3. License holder in a DOH Licensed Radon Mitigation Business.

  4. Designs mitigation systems, responsible for state reporting. Verifies client supplied radon measurement reports are valid, performed by a licensed tester. 

  5. Cannot test for indoor radon, or offer advice or interpretation of the supplied radon test- unless also licensed as a DOH Measurement Specialist.

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