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  1. Professional Home Inspections

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  3. Water Intrusion and Leak Detection

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  8. Radon Measurement & Mitigation- FL DOH Certified

  9. Insurance Wind Mitigation Inspections

  10. Mold Issue Investigation relating to building form and function

  11. Air Quality Analysis

  12. Odor Investigation

  13. Lead Testing- we’re EPA certified

  14. Storm-Water Control/Drainage

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    To all our clients and the kind 

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     Testimonials for Certified Home Inspections

                                                   and Radon Solutions

“Mr. Flemming, Simply stated, I am utterly impressed with the quality received from your radon mitigation company. The radon reduction from 22.9 pCi/L to 1.2 is phenomenal!

Additionally, the level of professionalism displayed throughout the installation process was 1st class.

Thank you very much and know I fully endorse you in the future.”


  1. N.Yates, Chicago Illinois

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for your time, professionalism, support and patience. I am disappointed that I didn’t get the the opportunity to meet you personally Mr. Flemming. I can say that after speaking with [your office manager] Candice, I knew right away that your company would be my choice.

My Wife and I thank you both for your services”

-Vernon D., Tallahassee FL

“We contracted to purchase a mid-century modern home and were very concerned with the age and condition of the 1950 home. Michael was referred to us by our realtor. Before we hired Michael he spent an inordinate amount of time schooling us on the process and what he would provide. Michael's attention to detail was stunning and his knowledge base was incredibly helpful. We have bought and sold several homes and never had an inspector spend as much time, nor answer our vast supply of questions. He promised and delivered to provide us with enough information that we would be able to make an intelligent and wise decision as to whether or not we should purchase the home. We did, in fact, purchase the home, and couldn't be more pleased with our decision. In fact, we are using his report as our "to do" list for future projects, including the prioritization of critical issues that need addressing. We wholeheartedly recommend Michael Flemming to do a home inspection. If I can't have Michael do our next home inspection, I will look for an inspector who is also a General Contractor. He is also a kind and thoughtful man.”

-Cynthia T., Quincy FL

“Thank you so much for such a comprehensive and detailed home inspection. The report clearly and thoroughly highlighted all areas of concern, with photos and explanations. I have bought and sold many houses through the years, and this report is by far the best I’ve seen. In the past, inspectors appeared to rush to get the job done under a time limit. Michael took the time to inspect every aspect of the house and patiently answered any questions I had. I am very impressed with Certified Inspections, and will not hesitate to recommend them to ANYONE. Yes, I would recommend to friends and neighbors.”

-Jan M., Tallahassee

“Thank you for your work on our recent home inspection. We were very pleased with your work and would use you again in the future.”

Sincerely, Andrea C.

“Having had a number of inspections for various properties, I can say that Mr. Flemming has been the most thorough and helpful of all the inspectors I've used.  With his inspection there where no surprises at all, nothing that he missed, and he explained all of the issues and how to solve them.  I recommend him to my friends, and that's really saying something!

Yes, I would recommend to friends and neighbors”

-Tony M., Tallahassee

“I was very pleased with the inspection. The report was thorough. I would use the company’s services again. Yes, I would recommend to friends and neighbors.”

-Dorothy T., Tallahassee

“I was referred to Mr Flemming from my realtor and could not be happier with his work. He is extremely knowledgeable & his level of expertise made me feel much more comfortable with moving forward with a home purchase. He is so detailed & explains things that I had no idea to even look for when purchasing a home. He spends a great deal of time investigating all aspects of the house no matter what the size. I would use him again & definitely refer him to anyone wanting a reliable, honest & professional home inspection.”

-Laurie Belletto, Tallahassee

Thank you for the comprehensive home you provided a couple of weeks ago. It was extremely thorough, and the quality of service we look for in being able to refer someone. I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

-Matthew S., Tallahassee

“We used Certified Inspections for our home inspection and were very pleased with their work. Michael Flemming was extremely professional and knowledgable. I would recommend Certified Inspections to anyone looking for a comprehensive report”

-Mary Kathryn S., Tallahassee FL

“I hired Mr. Flemming to do a home inspection of a house I was considering buying because he had the best credentials (note his website).   I could not have been happier.   He was very thorough and, what particularly was great for me as a single woman never having bought or repaired a house, he took the time to answer all of my questions and to discuss the findings with me in detail.   He was very patient.   He spent over three hours inspecting the house and now I know exactly what I would need to replace and approximately how much it would cost.   I told him I felt like he was a godsend.   He made me feel much more at ease about what exactly I would be getting into if I bought the house.  I highly recommend him.”

-Kathy H., Tallahassee FL

“Excellent Service. Thorough, comprehensive inspection for radon and mold/air quality. Michael Flemming provided clear, knowledgeable explanations prior to service, and after report.  Yes, I would recommend to friends and neighbors”

-Karen D., Tallahassee FL

“We had a home inspection done in April by Michael Flemming and are extremely satisfied with the report”

-Dustin H. Tallahassee FL

[Radon Solutions] “Michael Flemming was professional, reliable, timely and was able to bring our radon levels to below a 4.0.       He is extremely knowledgeable with the scientific aspect of radon mitigation.
I would recommend to anyone selling or buying their home. I am sure he is equally qualified for home inspection and will hire him for this as well.

Yes, I would recommend to friends and neighbors”

-Ellen C., Tallahassee FL

“Michael is friendly and professional. He was thorough and told me about many things I could do to fix possible future issues. He was clear and well spoken and clearly an expert on how to build and maintain a home. I highly recommend his inspection services as you will likely learn from him as he inspects your home.”

-Jared K.,  Tallahassee FL

“Your excellent work is appreciated. I sent a copy of the inspection report to the seller. I then received an email from the seller with positive comments on the report’s quality- he indicated he felt it fairly assessed the property’s condition, and that he would have no problem sharing the report with potential buyers.

I would be happy to provide a business recommendation”

-T. Potter, Valdosta GA

“The inspection report was thorough, Mr. Flemming answered all of our questions and provided very timely responses and results. Thank you for your keen eye and experienced observations and recommendations. I appreciate the service you have provided and will recommend you services to others”

-Jason Hand, Tallahassee FL

“As a first-time home buyer, I really appreciated being able to walk through the property with Michael and understand the process of evaluating a property. I heard of Michael by word-of-mouth and decided to trust the recommendations. Michael was very detailed and informative. He was kind enough to explain everything from the perspective of a professional contractor and as a home buyer. I feel very confident in his comprehensive evaluation based on the level of detail, photographs and explanations. Several inconspicuous things were brought to light in the property, and I am very grateful to now be aware.

Yes, I would recommend to friends and neighbors.”

  1. -Ray Montalvo, Tallahassee FL

My experience with Certified Inspections was super.

Mr. Flemming is quite knowledgeable, courteous, and conscientious. He took a great deal of time crawling in and out of the building, taking photos, notes, and giving consideration to all he observed. He was able to clearly identify problems and to give a fair idea of the challenges the building presented.

I would recommend his work to anyone who is seeking real answers to their questions about a prospective investment.

Well worth the money spent to have this man do the inspection.

Yes, I would recommend to friends and neighbors.”

-Anna Lee, Tallahassee FL

“There are a number of things that I like about Michael Flemming’s business, and professional approach to problem solving.
As a retired business owner I spent almost 30 years dealing with a variety of post construction, and or existing conditions problems. Since we owned restaurants, building complexity always seemed to exist.
In any case we saw a little bit of everything, just as it seems Mike has. As regards Mike's approach to problem solving, his number one rule seems to be candor and honesty. Although there can always be unforeseen circumstances in existing structures, Mike is a very detailed and realistic when outlining the solution to the identified problem.
His local roots combined with family and community ties gives one a sense of comfort as regards his professional and personal honesty. Mike has the knowledge and courage to say NO, but when he says yes you can count on him.”
-Jim Groot, Tallahassee FL

“Satisfied is an understatement. The pleasure of having Mike as my home inspector was definitely all mine! It is very evident that honor, integrity, and dedication encompass what Mike represents, and what I feel I received using him, went above and beyond what I expected to get. Whether good news or bad, he explained everything with great detail, and was engaging of my questions. There is being "satisfied" when the value of your dollar is met and you have no further expectation; And there is being "impressed", when you just say wow.

Well Mike, WOW!!”

- D. Alexander, Tallahassee FL

“Mr. Flemming was great and easy to work with.
I have worked in insurance sales in the past as well as fixing up numerous houses and was still unaware of radon gas. Mr. Flemming provided me with a brochure with simple facts about radon levels in Tallahassee and did not push the service on me. I ended up purchasing the radon gas measurement test and the results came back very high; I am now able to deal with the problem and not have to worry about my health or selling the property in the future.

-Jacob G., Tallahassee FL

“As a Professional Realtor, I've used Michael Flemming/Certified Inspections for my client's home inspections with great confidence as I know my buyers will have not only an inspector who has the top credentials and latest certifications, but also will do an incredibly thorough job for them.  My buyers also are pleased at the company's willingness to be available to them should they have any questions.  I know they are in great hands!”

-Shelley Duke, Tallahassee FL

“Certified Inspections LLC, owned by Michael Flemming, is a very professional company.  I chose this company to inspect a house I was interested in purchasing because of their industry qualifications and in-depth structural knowledge.  Michael was very informative in all aspects and is well versed in Leon County (maybe more) building codes. That is very important when deciding on a new home.  Michael is also qualified by the state for radon testing and mitigation.  From what I understand he is the most qualified in the Tallahassee area.
If you are looking for a professional company who will get the job done right, the first time, I would highly suggest Certified Inspections LLC.  I was impressed with how thorough the inspection report was, they also include many pictures to help the customer make the best possible decision.”

-B. Valentine, Tallahassee FL

“I had radon mitigation and also a foundation inspection. Mr. Flemming explained everything completely and answered all my questions. I like the fact that he is a licensed building contractor. I would highly recommend him. “

-Jan Alexander, Tallahassee FL

“ We found Mr. Flemming to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of home inspection.  He is the most thorough and detailed of any of the home inspectors I ever have hired. If you want a home inspector who is free of bias and cares only about the home buyer's interests and well being, Mr. Flemming is your man.”

  1. -Judy L.,  Tallahassee FL

“Certified Inspections did a great job on home inspection for our potential home. The inspector was very competent, knowledgeable, and thorough, and did an excellent job in identifying potential issues with the home.”

-Desi M., Tallahassee FL

“Mr. Flemming, I would be more than happy to provide a brief testimonial.

Michael Flemming performed a very thorough inspection of the home we purchased. He took the time to answer all of our questions in great detail and explained all findings from the home inspection report so that we fully understood. We were extremely pleased with the home inspection services Mr. Flemming provided and would highly recommend him to others. Thanks”

- Dwight D.,  Tallahassee FL

“After doing some internet research and asking around, I hired Certified Inspections LLC to do an inspection on the home we are purchasing.  Mr. Flemming was very thorough and detailed in his inspection.  He was courteous, knowledgeable, and explained all the items he had concerns about. This was a good experience. Thank you for being so professional.”
- Lance D., Tallahassee FL

“I found Certified Home Inspections in the yellow pages. I has never needed or used a home inspector before, so I was looking for credentials, and was really impressed with Michael Flemming's’ multiple certifications. I have now used Certified Inspections twice this year-- the first time to find out the condition of my sister’s home after she passed away, and more recently to get an inspection for I home I hope to buy.

I met Mr. Flemming for the first time at my sister’s home, filled out a couple of forms, answered a few questions, introduced him to my dogs, and left to go back to work- it was raining that day.  Two days later, I received a comprehensive, in-depth report on the condition of my sister’s property with recommendations for additional inspections on items not covered by a standard home inspection. For the first time, I could see clearly all the problems under the house in the crawlspace, the duct work, and the electrical. I saw plumbing and code violations up close, and finally got a good look at roofing issues from the roof-top photos.

I didn’t hesitate for a moment when I needed an inspection on a home I was hoping to buy.  At the start of the inspection, the owner of the property met Mr. Flemming there, and I dropped by later to sign some papers. It was then that Mr. Flemming pulled me aside saying the owner was asking questions and he requested my permission to disclose any issues with the owner. I had no problem with sharing the information, but was impressed with the professional courtesy. The next morning, I received another comprehensive study of this property, with supporting photos.

If you are looking for someone you can trust, who has diverse and broad knowledge of buildings and the inspection of buildings, Michael Flemming and Certified Home Inspections is your person- and your company.

Their ad reads: ‘Purchasing a home? We’re on your side!’.   Believe it!”

- B. Cooper, Tallahassee Florida

“A testimonial applauding the professional service and outstanding customer support rendered by Mr. Michael Flemming of Southeast Construction, L.L.C.:

For a more than a year, I have contracted Southeast Construction, specifically Mr. Michael Flemming’s services, to assist me in the care and maintenance of heir property located in Tallahassee, Florida.  As a current resident of the state of Maryland, I was initially reluctant and extremely anxious about soliciting a “distant” contractor to assist me in the much needed repair and maintenance of a badly deteriorated, seventy year old homestead.  After visiting Tallahassee and witnessing the condition of my property, it was fortuitous that I contacted and solicited the support of Southeast Construction. Within a matter of hours, Mr. Flemming arranged to meet with me “on-site” in order to conduct a preliminary survey of my property and to propose a strategy for assessing the extent of repair and restorative construction requirements. After discussing an initial plan of action and agreeing to a proposed “way ahead”, I returned to my home in Maryland leaving Mr. Flemming to conduct a detailed inspection (from the roof to the foundation) and assessment of the condition of my homestead. Within a matter of days, I began to receive a number of telephone calls and electronic messages accompanied by detailed photographs and explanations outlining specific problem areas requiring restorative construction or repair in order to meet Florida building and construction code mandates.  Mr. Flemming’s exceptional efforts to keep me apprised as work progressed, his provision of detailed cost analysis for prospective work requirements, and his employment of reasonable cost effective measures, repairs and alternatives served to completely relieve all my initial anxieties. His dedicated and focused efforts to expeditiously restore my homestead to comply with Florida Safety and Building Code standards were repeatedly acknowledged and applauded by the City of Tallahassee, Department of Economic & Community Development. Through the multitude of resources and artisans available to Southeast Construction, Mr. Flemming transformed my homestead into a readily desirable and marketable property.  

Without a doubt, his impeccable integrity and professional work ethic are readily reflected in the exceptionally high quality repair work which he completed for me.  By utilizing much of his own construction equipment and warehoused building materials, Mr. Flemming was able to significantly reduce sub-contractor labor requirements as well as readily provide construction materials at extremely competitive rates.  For unique service requirements outside the purview of Southeast Construction, Mr. Flemming aggressively negotiated a number of significant service cost reductions equating to savings of several thousand dollars.

Southeast Construction has earned my utmost respect, trust, and admiration.  I highly recommend their services for domicile and building inspection requirements, building renovations, domicile restorations, or new construction requirements.  Undoubtedly, you will find no greater commitment to providing professional service, outstanding workmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction than at Southeast Construction, L.L.C.”                                              

    -  R. Maney, Maryland

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